Frequently Asked Questions

How long can the cake last?
The cake can last up to 3 days if stored properly in refrigerator. For maximum indulgence, it is best advised to consume on the day of purchase.

Is there any preservatives added?
We do not add any preservatives to our cakes, therefore, cakes must be stored in the fridge and consumed within 3 days from the day of purchase. Thus it is not advisable to consume cakes that has been stored more than 3 days, from date of purchase.

How long can the cake last in room temperature?
The cake can last up to 1.5 hours. It is advisable to place the cake back into fridge if left outside for too long as it is best consumed when chilled.

Is the cake Halal?
Yes, our products are Halal-certified.

Is the cake suitable for vegetarian?
Our cakes contain gelatin which is made from cow skin, therefore they are not suitable for vegetarians.

Can we order hand-drawn cakes of characters that have copyright limitations/restrictions?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to produce cakes containing characters/icons that have copyrighted limitations or restrictions. We can only accept generic cartoon images or cliparts, subject to approval.

What is the serving size for 12”, 9”, 6” Round and 10”, 6” Square?
Serving sizes are indicated on every cake’s detail pages.

What is the lead time for cake ordering ?
Our cakes require 1 full day to be prepared, therefore, we require a minimum lead time of 3 days for normal orders, and 7 days for customised drawing cakes and bulk orders, excluding the day that order is placed.

What is the quantity for Bulk Orders?
Orders of $500 and above will be considered as Bulk Orders.

How much does delivery cost?
Please refer to Delivery Info page for details.

What are the delivery timings available?
Please refer to Delivery Info page for details.

If I order 2 or more different flavours, can i request to repack the different flavours in 1 box?
Unfortunately, we do not provide this service. For mixed flavors, you may chose either Mix and Match - 2 flavours OR Divine Combo - 5 flavours, from our Menu.

Can I request to repack the cakes into separate smaller boxes?
Unfortunately, we do not provide repacking services. You may purchase additional cake boxes/boards for your own repacking purpose.

Can you help me put wordings on the cake?
Yes we can! We will use fresh Strawberry/ Mango fruits to cut letters out, chargeable at $1 for each letter. For pre-orders, wordings are placed inside the jelly layer, whereas for walk-in/ last minute orders, wordings will be placed on top of the jelly layer instead.

Is the cake pre-cut?
Square cakes are by default pre-cut into 25 pcs and 9 pcs, unless special instructions have been given ahead for the orders to NOT pre-cut. We do not provide pre-cut services for any Round cake.

Can I purchase cake-toppers from you to help me place on the cake?
We do not accept cake-decors/toppers from your own purchases to be placed on our cakes by our staff. Any cake-decors/toppers placed after you received our cake is at your own discretion and responsibility.

Do you provide free candles and cake knife?
Complimentary candles and a plastic cake knife will be provided only for WHOLE cake orders IF requested by customers. Please indicate the correct number of big and small candles required in your order. Alternatively, you can also purchase numbers and other decorative candles in the store.