Lucky 3 Golden Coin Chocolate Oreo
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Lucky 3 Golden Coin Chocolate Oreo

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  • Lucky 3 Golden Coin Chocolate Oreo  發發金元宝

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with these Auspicious Golden Coin Chocolate-covered Oreo Gift Box, decorated with different auspicious characters and symbols. These decadent sweet treats are hand-craft to be a feast for your eyes and taste buds. This Prosperity Gift Box is outstanding as a gift and will bring a smile to the lucky recipient’s face. Deliver one to your loved ones now, Huat ah!

    Check out the auspicious message of these characters and symbols:-

    招财进宝 - ushering in wealth and prosperity

    福 - lucky

    元宝 (gold ingot) - a symbol of wealth and abundance

    3 - (三), pronounced san Chinese tradition considers Three a lucky number as it's similar to the character for "birth", 生.


    - HALAL Certified

    ** Nutrition Facts on the Right Column does not apply to this product.

  • Preservatives Free
  • Egg Free
  • Contains Collagen
  • No Trans Fat
  • Contains beef gelatin

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